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The data on this site is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. This means you are free to re-use the data on this site, as long as you provide appropriate attribution.

You can read a summary of the license here, and you can read the full license details here.

Le license en fran├žais est ici.

Specific images (for example, photographs and diagrams) may have their own copyright notices, which take precedence over this general notice.

The image displayed in this site's heading banner is provided under a CC BY-SA 2.5 license. For further details, please see the full image on Wikimedia Commons.

Images are also made available via IIIF manifests, using version 3.0 of the IIIF Presentation API. Data Artem also provides a basic built-in Mirador viewer to support this. Links to the viewer can be found on the relevant image pages in Data Artem.

OpenStreetMap data displayed within this site is subject to separate terms and conditions - see here for further details. See also the copyright notices displayed in each map.

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