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Inscribed Capitals Index

The Inscribed Capitals Index (ICI) presents instances of capitals with lapidary inscriptions (ca.1080-1160) available for scholarly research in a searchable electronic format. The individual record for each capital includes a description of the capital, its location indicated on a floor plan (when possible), and transcription and translation of the inscription. Data is presented in a tabular layout, allowing users to sort and filter according to categories. The ICI is not a static catalog. Instead the site's functionality allows for updates and expansion. At present, the ICI concentrates on inscribed capitals located in France with plans to eventually include Spain, England, and Italy.

Research Assistant
Marion Fauqueur. 

Past Research Assistants
Jade Brais⁠-⁠Dussault, Ingrid Cinq⁠-⁠Mars, Alexandra Coutu, and Daniel Richer.

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Digital Models

The Digital Models Reconstruction project is an external relational database, which links 3D reconstruction models. It is essentially a way to annotate (or footnote) a 3D model so that the model project may be re-used by other researchers after its initial creation.